Team development from source to sea

The Wildspace team were invited to design a bespoke team development programme for
Exige International

This programme was based around themes of effective communication and relationship building and took the form of a team development journey following the river Dart from remote Dartmoor down to the coast.

This journey saw the team working together to overcome natural obstacles as they cycled, climbed, abseiled, navigated through caves and finally canoed to their final objective. The team were challenged both individually and collectively as they were stretched outside of their comfort zones.

The result was an innovative team development experience through which the team reflected on their current working dynamic and explored ways to work more effectively together in the the future.


William Latienen – Director Exige International:
“Our adventure was a memorable experience. One that not only rewarded my team for their hard work and success, but challenged us to go outside our comfort zone. Through that challenge, we have developed a stronger bond as a team – and some most excellent memories. Thank you Wildspace, w
e’re looking forward to our next adventure!”