Pushing Team Limits with Exeter College

The Wildspace Team were invited to design a Leadership and Team Development Programme for Public Services students at Exeter College.

Team Development and Leadership programme

The Leadership and Team Development Programme focused on the skills and qualities required for a successful career in the Public Services – such as Fire, Ambulance, Police or the Armed Forces. This drew heavily on Rich’s experiences as a Royal Marine’s Officer.

team development and leadership programme with Exeter College
Through bringing real life scenarios into the programme it enabled students to develop skills such as initiative, discipline, problem solving, managing stress under pressure, confidence and team working.

Students worked together in small teams, navigating around a designated circular route on Woodbury Common near Exeter, encountering difficult and challenging scenarios along the way.

Problem solving under pressure

Understanding the real life scenarios Public Services students may face in the future, Rich designed a programme that would push them and yet enable them to develop new skills to help them in various situations.

Team Development and Leadership programme

Imagine following a route on a map on a clear day. Then the weather changes, the signs disappear in the fog, it’s getting dark and the route becomes impossible to see. What do you do? The students had to use the skill of micro-navigation to get them out.


Micro-navigation is a reliance on the acute awareness of your immediate environment. Each of the five senses come into play, touch, smell, sight and sound – relating this information to your map and compass to help navigate your way.

team development and leadership programme with Exeter College

The students encountered scenarios such as; Finding someone unconscious on the ground and having to administer first aid. This utilised problem solving under pressure, communication, initiative and leadership skills. They had to build an emergency shelter as the weather closed in, which drew on their resourcefulness, communication and team working abilities.

Team Development and Leadership programme

Using acute observation and initiative for the micro-navigation scenario was invaluable. Throughout these challenges the themes of effective communication and team working under pressure were emphasised.

Mentally and Physically challenging

The result was a physically and mentally challenging package to which the students responded brilliantly. There were outstanding examples of students demonstrating real initiative and leadership under significant pressure. Well done to all those Public Services students who participated, you are a credit to your course and Exeter College.

team development and leadership programme with Exeter College


What they said:

“Thanks to the Wildspace Team for another great package for our Public Service students. The scenarios and challenges provided were really focused on developing the transferrable skills and qualities that our students will need in their future careers.  

“Having the experience of both a military and teaching career has enabled Rich to make this programme very relevant and focused.” Darren Goff, Deputy Head of Faculty, Exeter College.

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